Friday, July 30, 2004

DC shenanigans in Boston

Called David Diamond, Friend to Woodland Creatures, last night during Alexandra Kerry's speech. At that moment, he related, in Boston, his lovely wife and Deceiver nominee for Hill Hottie, Heather, was trapped in a hallway at the DNC, the Fleet Center, having been put on pre-Kerry lockdown. Meanwhile, Dave's aunt, who Heather had managed to get into the convention, was left all by herself. Knowing nobody, she was mistaken for a member of the press, and was hustled off down behind the bandstand, where she was given an advance copy of Kerry's speech!

It just goes to show that somebody else's aunt is always having a better time than you.

In other DNC-related/Hill Hottie synergy, The Deceiver caught the forgotten hottie, Mary Landrieu, slicing and dicing Tucker Carlson on CNN like he was Moo Shu. Lucky Tucker!

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