Thursday, July 15, 2004

More solutions for Metro

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Last week, we reported on Metro's latest budget shortfall projections and the institutional unwillingness to subject riders to their third rate increase in the past two years.

The DCeiver's first and best buddy Tom Murphy writes:

Ok, here's the deal: Yes, sell Farragut West. Then get the slots in the
Metro Stations. Fuck NY Ave. If I'm going to have to sit still for 14
minutes on a Saturday night, I might as well lose $50 while I'm at it.
I sure ain't carrying a book around all night.

We couldn't agree more! Given that catching a train in a timely fashion is DC's single most competitive game of chance, it seems only natural to heighten that atmosphere in an attempt to raise additional money. Slots, cocktails, maybe a couple of OTB makes especially good sense when you consider all the time spent on the weekend nights inside the Metro Stations, waiting for inbound trains to Dupont and U Street and the like...mostly filled with drunk, affluent kids from the burbs. Metro should take a piece of THEM, too.

I further sympathize with you with regards to carrying around books. The Deceiver is fucking neurotic about being bored, and to that end, I carry around a small library with me because I know I'm going to get hung up on the Metro at some point. One time, I was coming up to Capitol South to go to Lena O'Rourke's Xmas party (and judging by the size of it, traditionally, I'd guess all DC/Arlington/Alex residents are within three degrees of separation to someone whose attended) and I was worried about being bored. So I brought a book. A lively, holiday oriented book called We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families--because nothing says "HOLIDAY FUN" more than the Rwandan genocide! You better believe it was great being known as The Guy Who Brings The Human Tragedy Book To The Christmas Party.

Thanks for writing in! Please feel free to do so again and again!

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