Wednesday, July 07, 2004

U Street Throwdown

The Deceiver had the good fortune to attend the going-away party of compadre Mark's g.f. this weekend, quaffing wading-pool-chilled PBR talls and enjoying the madcap festivities--culminating with Mark demonstrating his devotion to fidelity in perhaps the most crack-smoked way imaginable--by donning a Tiger costume and leaping through a ring that had been set on fire. Yes, thank God he was wearing something totally flammable! Luckily, no one was burned--though The Deceiver did take a lot of shit for not being able to attend the Randy Baker July Fourth Festival of Irrationality (which, despite having a previous 7/4 commitment, we recommend). Hopefully, The Deceiver is not actually blackballed from future Rorschach participation, his nips still grow taut and tingly when he thinks about sweatin' at the Casa Del Pwebb.

Many nice topics of convo.

--The continuing dialectic on the "Naughty Pilate Show", starring Chris Davenport as the titular imago. We've arrived at The Nail Drivin' Five as the House Band. Now we need help reclaiming the Pilate costume that makes the whole thing work. Davenport is still totally swingin' that persona with a deftness that's astounding.

--Watch these pages in 2010 as Rahaleh Nassri runs for dictator--er, "governor" of Virginia

--To whoever manufactures the Smilin' Dick Cheney mask: Kudos. That's a fucking scary ass thing to see on your fifth Pabst.

--The Deceiver greatly enjoyed talking with the Stage Manager of the Washington Stage Guild, and would further commend her lovely hairstyle--a perfect coif: simple, elegantly framing the face, holding it's own amid the swelter. Yes, we appreciate things like that.

--Discovery: Pork rinds are not bad, especially after you've seen the Smilin' Dick Cheney mask.

--Randy Baker's former roommate, who was shot during a carjacking in Richmond, and how he now needs to poop ten times a day. (The ideal number of daily constitutionals, also discussed at length=3.) The Deceiver surely hopes that this is a primary topic of conversation for every speed-date Mr. Love Me Ten Times goes on in his lifetime: "Yeah, you heard me correctly. I poop ten times a day! There's nothing I can't pass. Here, let me see the contents of your purse..."

The Deceiver had previously copped to spending an inordinate amount of toilet time dedicated to thinking about The Naughty Pilate you know what we have here--Holy Tango of Party Topics.

Thanks to Naughty Pilate for the ride home.


LuvDusty said...

I poop easily 5-6 times a day, and thought I was the king of the bowel movements. Apparently I was wrong.

Randy Baker is the man!

Castle Dove-Dove said...

Looking back over the past year...ahh...what a year..--wait.---Sullivan never actually left. We threw a party for that lamebag and he look our beer and stayed. I hate that guy.