Friday, August 27, 2004

Admittedly, sour grapes for Blackberries

Wonkette reports that all full-time MBA students at the "University" of Maryland will receive Blackberries as a token of their esteem. No idea if this is going to touch off a trend nationwide, but if you know any lucky Maryland MBA student, christen his or her new hi-tech geegaw with this message: "Yeah. You still couldn't get into Darden, beyotch!"

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Anonymous said...

You and Wonk both got a mention in Richard Leiby's chat today at

Arlington, Va.: Can you tell us some good blogs we can check out to get some D.C.-related dirt? I know there's Wonkette and a new one called DCeiver seems to be pretty cool, plus there's the Here's A Hint blog on the D.C. music scene. Can you point us towards some others or are there any you read on a regular basis? Thanks.

Richard Leiby:

Mainly political diatribes but sometimes people think it's entertaining, in a shrill way.