Friday, August 06, 2004

The Big Gig and other news

This Friday Night, head on up to IOTA (as sorta seen on The West Wing) for the alt-country stylings of Tres Chicas--a supergroup of roots-rock chanteuses, featuring Lynn Blakey (Glory Fountain), Caitlin Cary (Whiskeytown), and Tonya Lamm (Hazeldine). Did you hear them on NPR? Yes you did! Now git!

Zach Braff is taking over the entire fucking world. And that's a good thing. So, this weekend, cement your devotion to our future cultural imam by taking in a screening of his movie Garden State, which he has growed up all by his little ol' self. See it at Loews in G-Town, Loews in Shirlington, or the Landmark on E Street. And for God's sake, Fandango that bitch! You wanna wait in line like a plebe?

Those snarky and urbane kids from the Landless Theatre Company hitch their wagon to the unsuspecting backside of the KenCen's Festival of Tennessee Williamsness with this Chicago born-and-bred parody of Williams' best known play. Opening this weekend at the DCAC (which we lovingly refer to as "The Dee-Kack") in Adams Morgan. Allow three hours to find a parking space.


In Other News:

August is upon us, and with that, we come to the traditional time The DCeiver likes to get the hell outta the Swamp for a little of the R&R. Next weekend, we retreat from the urban grid altogether, heading out for a quiet weekend of boating, grilling and beer at peaceful Lake Anna. If this town really does blow up in a heated terror attack, trust us--we won't even fucking know about it.

Then, the following week, The DCeiver heads up to Manhattan, beginning Tuesday Night with the ceremonial burnt offerings to the Gods of EZPass. After a brief stop in the paradise known as Northern New Jersey, we head into NYC for dining, quaffing, and the finest night-life the 5 boroughs have to offer. Just for kicks, we will be participating in the latest trendy activity that's all the rage in NYC--not going to Pianos.

Still unresolved is whether or not The DCeiver will be posting regularly from NYC or if that responsibility will be left in the hands of a special guest blogger. But, rest assured, we shall resolve these matters. In the meantime, we?ve given you some fun, life-enriching activities to engage in this weekend--fucking go do 'em!

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