Friday, August 13, 2004

The Big Gig and updates on comings and goings

NOTE: OK. We have got the deets on FORUM now. Thanks for yr patience.

Opening this weekend, the debut production from FORUM, a new troupe specializing in cross-genre production--blending theatre and dance and, let's say, Tex-Mex cuisine, for example. These guys emanate from the bastion of lunacy known as Mark Sullivan's House--which was the premiere feature in this very blog. Also, three people that The Deceiver holds in the highest esteem--Deb Sivigny, Melissa Schwartz, and Maggie Glauber--are deeply involved. Wouldn't you want to see them, know them, marvel at their talent, later: drink with them? Of course you would. I repeat: of course you would. Then do it: go see their grand opening production of "BECKETT: The Shorter Plays" tonight at 8pm at the Arena Stage satellite facility on 14th and T (1901 14th NW).

What, pray tell, is Maggie Glauber's honeysweetiesugarpie, John Horn, doing this weekend? Why, he's performing at Cherry Red Productions Day Old Plays, that's what! If by now you know the drill, you know the drill. If you don't, fucking get your skank ass down to the Warehouse Theater at 1021 7th Street, NW and check it out. We know the Olympics are on--but doping is encouraged at the Day Old Plays. Two shows: 8 and 11pm.

Brice coaxes modern-angst loveliness from his peerless voice, and gently nudges the tiny machines on stage with him to play along. Go see him do his thing on Monday 16 August at Galaxy Hut in Arlington. With Jon Kaplan of the Bicycle Thieves opening.


IN other news:

1. Was yesterday just the worst fucking day for gay people? The California Court and l'affaire McGreevey rallied homophobic troglodytes everywhere. Counter the hate with some conspicuous consumer spending at DC's fine gay-friendy establishments this weekend. If you haven't bought Davey Sedaris' new book yet, take the trip up to Lambda Rising and pick it up. Grab a sandwich fulla meat and some draft beer at Hamburger Mary's. Pump up the gay economy a little this week, people.

2. Or, stay inside if one of the many hurricanes manages to make it's way up here. Already, we're talking about scotching our plans for Lake Anna this weekend.

3. We are, however, still resolute in our plan to take Manhattan next week. We will arrive in the wake of destruction left by Andy Dick and depart before the Republicans get there. Guest blogger, anyone? If The Deceiver gets into any trouble, look for reporting on it here.

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