Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Big Gig

Folks, you realize that if John Kerry wins the election, Representative Barney Frank has a good chance at becoming Senator Barney Frank? Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank--together at last! Which one would be the top? Which would be the bottom? It could go either way, but, at any rate, my Quiddick is getting Chapped just thinking about it! Wanna know more? Then head out to Visions Cinema and Bistro this weekend to catch Let's Get Frank. And if you go to the Sunday evening showing, you'll get Barney Frank in the flesh! To ask questions of, anyway. This weekend only.

Kelly Smith went to the University of Virginia, got known for having a hellaciously good voice, sang a bunch, graduated, moved to Washington DC, got involved with a band called Juniper Lane, changed her name to Vivion, got a new haircut, started channeling the spirit of Pat Benatar, ripped shit up, put out an amazing record, took a harrowing fall in Great Falls that sounded pretty life threatening, dusted herself off, healed her body, went back to work with the band, and booked Iota for a gig this Friday night. That sounds pretty impressive, but what you don't know is she did all that stuff in the past six days! With the Lloyd Dobler Effect, 9:30 pm.

The college football season gets underway in the City Formerly Known as Raljon, as the University of Southern California and Virginia Polytechnic institute (or, Virginia Tech if you are a VPI student) square off in the Black Coaches Alliance Football Classic! Frank Beamer and Pete Carroll? Apparently, they are black. Never knew that. Saturday at FedEx Field, 7:45pm.

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