Thursday, August 26, 2004

Counting Down The Days Until THE BROWN BUNNY Premiere: DAY 16--We totally heart Sarah Lewitinn!


The Deceiver says: you are the bees knees. You are so totally "fit." But the great thing about you is that while you are indeed "fit", you don't act like "you know it." I mean, I'm sure that you "know" "it", but you never hit anyone over the head "know[ing] it." Your "fit"-ness, that is. That's an important and endearing personality trait attesting to your personal greatness. Because so often, people get a little bit "fit" and then strut around all day like they so totally "know it," which leads to other people getting to be all: "Dude, she is so not that 'fit'. At least not enough that I need to be constantly reminded of it through her constant displays of 'knowing it.'"

I guess what we're trying to say is that in your life, you will never, EVER become Chloe Sevigny. And that makes us so happy that we want to lie down on the beds of joy and piss the sheets of happiness.

The Brown Bunny--coming to Visions Cinema and Bistro in 16 days.

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Sarah said...

Um. Thanks!