Friday, August 27, 2004

Counting Down The Days Until THE BROWN BUNNY Premiere: DAY 15--Gallo on Stern

Can you correctly identify the thing Vincent Gallo DIDN'T say on the Howard Stern Show yesterday?

  1. He called Christina Ricci a "cunt" and said she did her best work on Buffalo 66 when she wasn't shitfaced on the set.
  2. He informed Stern that Paris Hilton was "very sexual."
  3. He explained that he was arrested for masturbating in public and that his father beat him for nine days when he found out. Subsequently, this has soured him on masturbating in public.
  4. He said The Brown Bunny is "an art film" and that it should be "playing in museums."
  5. He clarified that Christina Ricci did not, as rumored, pee on the set of Buffalo 66. Rather, she peed on the floor of a restaurant. Call Zagat's!

The answer tomorrow.

The Brown Bunny--coming to Visions Cinema and Bistro in 15 days.

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