Friday, August 27, 2004

DCeiver gets plugged again.

Someone out there hearts the Deceiver. This is from the transcript of Reliable Source Richard Leiby's chat:

Arlington, Va.: Can you tell us some good blogs we can check out to get some D.C.-related dirt? I know there's Wonkette and a new one called DCeiver seems to be pretty cool, plus there's the Here's A Hint blog on the D.C. music scene. Can you point us towards some others or are there any you read on a regular basis? Thanks.

Richard Leiby: Mainly political diatribes but sometimes people think it's entertaining, in a shrill way.
So here goes:

1. Thanks for the plug. We love the leading way you got our site mentioned.
2. We're embarassed to mentioned in same sentence as Wonkette. Ana Marie Cox is, like, professional and shit. She wrote for Suck. She's been fired from probably a bunch of cool places. And I'm pretty sure I almost got to see her on MTV a little while ago. She's like the Yankees, man. I'm just trying to ride pine for the Cyclones.
3. Considering Leiby has described Wonkette as "A foulmouthed, inaccurate, opinionated little vixen," we think it's odd that he recommends Capitol Hill Blue. I mean--we love CHB! But they've become well-known of late for insinuating that Bush is freaky-crazy bipolar, covered in half-chewed food, spitting vitriolic phlegm at everyone he sees, and off his meds like Jeremy Sisto's character from Six Feet Under. I guess Leiby just doesn't like a strong woman. Pussy.
4. Come on. You namecheck us, Wonkette, and the Here's a Hint blog? We totally know each other, don't we? And, "seems to be pretty cool?" All my close friends hedge their bets like that when they talk about my great works.


Anonymous said...

blogging about how others blog about you blog? blogging indeed.

Anonymous said...

Are there any suspects yet?

The Deceiver said...

Off the top, I'd suspected Here's a Hint. But I'd be surprised if he had the time and the patience to sit through a Post Live Online Chat with Leiby.

Anonymous said...

Did the plug cause an increase in hits?

Here's a Hint said...

Wasn't me. But, look for new Here's A Hint Blog this month!