Saturday, August 28, 2004

Deceptette--Featuring Special Shameless Plug!

  1. Israelis have spies at DoD, working to influence decisions? I'm so totally not shocked at all! Maybe someone owes Jim Moran an apology! (dcindymedia)
  2. More people getting weirdly sick at the University of Maryland. New recruitment campaign devised: "You don't have to be vomiting your colon out to attend Maryland, but it sure helps!" (Washington Post)
Saturday, September 4, at 7:15pm at the Kennedy Center, The Deceiver and the Wife of Deceiver will both be appearing in the reading of James Hesla's new work, Behold, brought to you by Rorschach theatre. It's part of the Page to Stage Festival, and when the KC remembers to get us food, it's usually pretty fun.

My thinking is, if that whiner Andrew Sullivan can be in a show at WSC, there's no reason why I should hesitate to get my Schach on, dig? Besides, unlike Sullivan, I won't have just labelled all of the participants as traitorous members of some insidious, anti-American "fifth column." Punk.

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