Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Deceptette: Powerhouse? I could just die of mocking laughter.

  1. I guess he is trying to break our hearts. Wilco, on tour across the country, will bypass Washington, DC for some reason. Are we even getting our own quarter? (DCist)
  2. Don't look now, but Virginia's having its own McGreevey moment! Republican House Member Edward Schrock steps down, saying "For all you know, I may be a Gay American." (Washington Post)
  3. Olney Theatre stages a play that sounds like a total exercise in postmodern frippery; Nelson Pressley--who despises melodrama despite the fact that it's the single most successful theatrical genre in the history of the world--naturally, loves it, is still wetting his pants. (Style) (All kidding aside, we're sure the play is great.)
  4. Hey Deceiver readers! Can you guess what article in today's Washington Post had me doubled over in mordant, cackling laughter? One hint: schadenfreude plays a big role. Okay another: inside knowledge that reality is a lot different from what is said in the press plays a significant role as well. Send your guesses here.

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