Friday, August 27, 2004


  1. Irony-free good news: Police have caught the Dupont Circle Shooter. (Washington Post)
  2. "Hmmm. Our assets are $3,000 and our liabilities are over $2million? Our only choice is to make the biggest, most-saffron infused meatball in the world!" Galileo: In Trouble (DCist)
  3. "Damn it! I'm only going to say this about 1,500 more times!" David Catania reminds us yet again that he's not supporting George W. Bush for President. (Blade)
  4. Peter Marks: Once again, he forgets he's a Washington DC theatre critic. (Washington Post)
  5. Better start living then! Forbes says DC is "worst place to die" in America. (DCSOB)
  6. Ana Marie Cox suffers computer woes, Wonkette goes down, staffers pace the Russell SOB cafeteria with fret and worry. During this time of crisis, Gawker asks public to give "2500 words on what the fuck happened to make Michelle Malkin the way she is." The DCeiver begins work on essay entitled "Who is Michelle Malkin Again?" then gets bored, goes to PotBelly. (Wonkette, again.)

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