Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Dysfunction Junction

The DC Board of Elections, so recently humiliated by a January 04 fuck-up that saw voter guides arrive in the mail for the "First in the Nation" Primary about a week late, has Cocked the Vote once again.

According to the Washington Post, DCBoE made sure they left themselves plenty of advance time to get the voter guides for the September 14 primary out, and actually got them mailed three weeks in advance. However, once again, the DC Government delivered a FUBAR of epic proportions. These voter guides specifically direct voters to locate their polling place using a two-digit code number on the mailing label. Unfortunately, they forgot to include that number. Confounding the error is the fact that a "meaningless mass-mailing code" [Ed. Note: How meaningless could it be? It meant something to the post office!] that, if erroneously used as the polling place locator, will send DC voters wandering all over the city to the wrong locations.

The Post highlights the case of Ellen Wormser. The map below indicates where she is supposed to vote: Powell Elementary at Upshur and 14th NW.

Right polling place... Posted by Hello

But this is where the voter guide tells her to go: Janney Elementary at Albermarle and Wisconsin NW.

...wrong polling place! Posted by Hello

Not to worry though. The Board of Elections plans to send out a second mailing that corrects the first! And it will no doubt be paid for with all the extra money DC has!

Still, Board Executive Director defends the voter guides:

"It went out without the correct precinct number on it. Obviously, that's a mistake. It shouldn't have happened," Miller said in an interview. "But it's out. It's out on time. And it has a lot of good, reliable information in there."

We're sure it does. A lot of good reliable information that DC Voters can pretend to use when they show up at the wrong polling location to use it, because of that one piece of bad, unreliable information that fucked up the whole operation.

I'm sure the voting officials will be more than willing to hand every confused DC voter a sticker for their troubles.

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