Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Here's a Hint: Finished?

According to friends of The Deceiver, the fiesty anonymous blog by Here's a Hint, which ably disparaged the weak links in the local music scene (many of whom frequently posted in support of HaH's positions unaware that they were in fact the target in a phenommenon that I call "Pretty In Pink Syndrome") has shuttered. We're leaving the sidebar link up in tribute.

While The Deceiver hasn't always agreed with HaH, we still think he (or, she, maybe?) is awesomely attuned, deliciously contrary, and a pretty talented wordsmith. We hold many things in common: a general agreement that Big Yawn is the worst name for a webzine ever, that Exit Clov is probably the best band in DC, that our music scene is overdependent on out-of-town acts, and that the host of Dr. Dremo's Open Mic Night (and singer of local act Rotoscope) Courtney Totushek is an insufferable twit.

Perhaps HaH's blog was one of those too brief illuminations, burning brightly but briefly. But we have asked him--or, her--to join us here at The DCeiver. Hopefully, HaH'll be up for it.

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Here's a Hint said...

I'm down but not out.