Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A kind bud at City Year

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You know, we at the Deceiver love our friends at the national service organization City Year, where a future generation of liberal Democrats are being trained today in cities already completely filled with liberal Democrats. Yes, it?s a shortsighted plan?there should be chapters in Alabama and Wyoming and Utah and Florida, except the lack of cities would require that the organization?s name be changed to Backwater Year or Desert Year or Tabernacle Year or Sweaty Misbegotten Flat Land of Criminals, Disney Enthusiasts and the Congenitally Useless Year, respectively.

But, while we love our buddies at CY, what we don?t like is the fact that they come to work baked out of their gourd. I just had a conversation with a Boston City Year employee, attempting to track down the email address of a City Year member. The verbatim excerpt is representative of the fifteen minutes I will never get back.

Deceiver: It?s a weird last name, and I?m not sure I?m even pronouncing it correctly.

City Year: You know what, this guy might work in the National Office.

Deceiver: Really?

City Year: Either than or someone may have heard of him.

Deceiver: OK. Could I?have the number?

City Year: What number?

Deceiver: Of the National Office?

City Year: Oh. This is the National Office.

**The Deceiver pounds his head against the wall**

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