Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Travis' Redskins Report: Hall of Fame Game

Tone-poem of Pyrrhic Victory
as told to The Deceiver
by Travis Mills

Low expectations.
Just get thru injury free.
We all know that's not what came to be.
Fuck me.
Gibbs again, Jee-zus H.
Sore eyes have sight again for christ's sake.
I would have his children if science figured it out.
He'd probably have to talk to Pat about that.
The king looked cucumber cool.
Returned like Aragon admist fanfare and exposition.
None of that Spurrier snarl and bluster.
But it was just a game with a loser and a winner.
And who knows who was who and who cares.
Jansen akimbo: in all its Catch 22 glory, blown.
The Achilles heel of a team is shown.
But Buges and los Dirtbags will overcome.
Though it'll take more than a bag of dirt to inherit that throne.

Like loyalty-slaying free agency and bloated back-end
'tracts that mean jack are just business
The season ending exhibition game injury is just life.

Fan hit with gads of shit. Wipe it off. Move on.
Coach has plenty to evaluate.
That's the point, ain't it?
Get em all in. Game speed. Game conditions. Game-like without a record.
10 new starters? Not bad for 2 weeks of practice.
So #5 Rook checkmates some cold crunk shit.
All over Mauk like a hick on grits.
A starter over paupers, yes, but looking good nonetheless.
Laid some hits, picked some picks; scored.
Saved an Ohio audience from being bored.
The rest was vanilla with occasional sprinkles.
Hasselbeck poised and pretty in the pocket.
Campbell and Clifton, LB scrubs with dreams.
Scott and Simon, with some quality special teams.
Scott and McCants netting catches of the day.
Boschetti and Killings making headway.
Some other thoughts:
Ade got exposed. First cut.
First team save for Marcus not doing much.
Trade Chad and Rod (and Jacobs and Betts!) Fin-ward for Ogun?
Kill the pass rush problem with one stone.
Much Bud was sold, so sayeth the league.
No such thing as an off-season anymore.

The Hall of Same cropped up -still lancing the Spurrier lesions:
QB's rushed and out of pocket.
Hot read WR's overthrown.
RB's with no holes to exploit.
But freeway holes for Bronc RB's to punch.
Special teams ceding ample yardage.
Arm tackles and missed reads aplenty.
But it'll come together. The team looked team-like.
Joe looked Joe-like. Positively Jesus-like.
Danny stayed in his box and let Barry and Elway hog glory.
Carolina on Saturday at FedEx will probably be just as gory.

A win's a win unless you lose Jon.
Then it's a loss with an inverted score.
Fuck you, preseason.

But thanks too.

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