Monday, August 16, 2004

Welcome Wonketteers

Pre-historic Wonkette rendering, by Terry Colon Posted by Hello

Wow. Good things come to those who attract the attention of Ms. Ana Marie Cox! Hi everybody. Forgive us but we're feeling quite giddy right now. We're ever so pleased to find ourselves guesting so many folks today and giggling at this blog's first mention on Wonkette. Wonkette's always made us, like so many of you, feel like bratty schoolgirls lurking in the restroom of DC's political scene, smoking Lucky Strikes and loudly judging others for the sheer fun of it. Today, it's like Ana herself has smiled and said, "DCeiver, you may use the pink soap today."

Would this be an inopportune time to go to Manhattan for a week? Because, we kinda had plans.

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Jason said...

Behold the power of Wonkette! As one of your blogrolled blogs, MY traffic almost doubled because of your mention on Wonkette.