Friday, September 17, 2004

Best Brief Second of Airtime Ever!

If you blinked, you missed it, but ifyou watch VH1's Best Week Ever, you'll catch a glimpse of a local luminary. The lucky flashed one was MoCo Chief of Police Tom Manger. Manger was once the Chief of Police in Band Camp before the whole DC Metropolitan area got sniperlicious, causing the Eliot Ness of the spree-killer beat, then-MoCo Chief Charles Moose, to decide he was too sexy for some law enforcement and retired to a life of book deals and provider of anti-snipe expertise. That brought Manger away from BC to the Land Beyond Silver Spring.

Manger was shown--briefly--on BWE pressconferencing about how disatisfied he is about the current state of the laws what ban the assault weapons, which is to say that as of this week, they be none! Hmmmm...we have assault weapons back on the street AND Barry back in office? Sounds like a wacky confluence of events guaranteed to bite us in the ass somewhere down the line, don't it?

Let me tell you, MoCo is in good hands with Chief Manger, don't you worry. The Wife of Deceiver knows Chief Manger and his fantastic wife personally--she and Manger performed in The Lady in the Dark at The American Century Theatre many years ago, before his police career really took off like a rocket (wow...a top cop with Selleck-like good looks, big time press savvy and song and dance talent? Must be the 21st Century!). The Deceiver knows him also, though less well, and we both think he's a fantastic guy. I still remember how calm he was when my wife spilled red wine at his house--he had the 411 on a stain remover that took it up in seconds. Tellingly, when I spilled wine at Chief Ramsey's house a few weeks back, he had me waterboarded and worked over with nightsticks.

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