Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Brown Bunny--unleashed tomorrow

Tomorrow, at Visions: the Brown Bunny cometh.

Now, we really dropped the ball on the countdown. Sorry about that. Chalk it up to ridiculous headaches, rehearsals for our reading at the Kennedy Center, and the interminable Fantasy Football draft I've been participating in (TheDeceiver will start McNabb, Ahman Green, Rudi Johnson, Donte' Stallworth, Charles Rogers--sure to thrill beloved Michigan alumna Shayna, and Koren Robinson, among others).

Besides, it's a nasty hang trying to generate content related to Vincent Gallo. I don't know how Gawker does it.

Regardless, however, all this Brown Bunnying has got me appreciating DC a whole lot. Gallo more or less crossed into a cover-your-eyes level of embarrassing TMI-itude in his promotion of the film. L.A. residents were treated to a massive billboard of Gallo getting his dick sucked, and similar advertisements were all over the East Village when The Deceiver visited not long ago.

Anyway, it can be argued that Gallo made Soho safe for the following Calvin Klein ad, which more or less looks like a pair of Olympic swimmers about to engage in a little mouth-to-ass action.

Something cums between me and my Calvins... Posted by Hello

DC, relatively speaking, has always been one of the most stringent cities when it comes to legislating public advertisements. Every once in a while, a loophole opens, a billboard gets constructed, or we get treated to mammoth piece of public art honoring Chris Webber, but generally speaking, we keep the eyeball garbage to a minimum, and we aren't habitually treated to building-sized rimjobs or similar expressions of monomania.

This comes with a cost: The Deceiver misses one aspect about Richmond--the former home of The Deceiver (when The Deceiver was getting his M of FA at the VC of U), and that's the preponderance of gig posters that kept us adequately informed of the local music comings and goings. In that case, it was a nice reminder that an "underground" was alive and well, and, personally speaking, as a fan of Frank Kozik, The Deceiver misses the time when the gig poster was high art, an extension of the rock scene.

Perhaps a happy medium could be reached?

At any rate: what's surely on your mind is--will The Deceiver see The Brown Bunny? Well, we'll surely try, but I've got some weekend activity already planned that will hopefully be worth reading about. And if I do go, the director's cut of Donnie Darko will likely tempt me away from Gallo's piece de persistence.

But check it: we've actually heard The Brown Bunny has been re-edited (read: about 30 minutes of pure dross has been deleted) since its infamous Cannes debut. It might actually be decent...this despite of Chloe Sevigny's celebrity train-wreck involvement. So, we'd be well nigh interested in the opinion and impression of anyone who sees the movie. Drop us a line.

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