Thursday, September 02, 2004

Calling All Enthusiasts!! (was "The Big Gig")

Cafe Asia
I'd be willing to bet that you haven't been to Cafe Asia's sushi happy hour in while! Now, before you start protesting, we know: Cafe Asia does not offer the Metro Area's best sushi. And we understand: Cafe Asia hardly provides the most authentic sushi experience for the seasoned sushi vet. But, what Cafe Asia has in abundance is this: the drop-dead sexiest female waitstaff of the Far Eastern persuasion. Boys and nontraditional girls, take note. Come for the salmon skin rolls, stay for the daydreams of some serious Pacific rimming.

Scissor Sisters
In these pessimistic times, could it be that the brightest beacon of hope available to us is a band that had the good sense and the common decency to reinvent Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" as a coke-soaked disco anthem? We're not gamblers, but if we were, we'd lay or chips down on The Scissor Sisters. But remember: we are NOT gamblers. With DJ Sammy @ Nightclub 930, September 4.

The Legendary Men and Women of DCist, however, direct attention to what might be the most unusual activity going on in the city this weekend. Read about it here. And answer their call. We're very curious if this ends up being "all-you-can-eat (Mwahh-ha-haaa!)" or "all-you-care-to-eat."

And lastly...
The staged reading. It boils the theatrical experience down to it's essence. Words on a page. People reading words on a page. An audience listening to people reading words on a page. A major arts center housing the audience listening to people reading words on a page. And afterwards? Finger sandwiches, of course. Saturday, September 4, at 7:15pm at the Kennedy Center, The Deceiver and the Wife of Deceiver will both be appearing in the reading of James Hesla's new work, Behold, brought to you by Rorschach theatre. It's part of the Page to Stage Festival, which is part of the Prelude Festival, and there's probably some Prelude to a Prelude festival, and if not, just go to Playbill.

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