Friday, September 10, 2004

Calling All Enthusiasts!

A Tale of a Tiger
Rorschach Theatre gets their fifth season underway with A Tale of A Tiger, performed by Ami Dayan. Tiger was written by Nobel Laureate and itinerant Italian prankster Dario Fo, whose An Accidental Death of An Anarchist will also be staged at the 'Schach later this month. It's all a part of their Season Five Freaked-Out Festival of Fo's Felines and (de)Fenestration! Go get your Fo on. At the Casa Del Pueblo, for ticket info, go here.

Funk 4 Peace
Speaking of the number 5, head on out to Club 5 this Saturday night for a special benefit show. DC's Fort Knox Five and Thunderball will join forces with Total Funking Genius Afrika Bambaata for an evening of soft-swerve groove. Ten dollars entry gets you music till 5 in the AM, and 5 of those 10 dollars you paid go to The Red Cross. You gotta hit this shit, people. At Club 5, 1214-B 18th Street NW.

Redskins Opener
All you people who seem to think baseball in DC is a great idea, give Pete Angelos a call and take note: it's the Skins we love, and no one stands a chance trying to get between us. Redskins is great uniter in the DC area. I remember an October evening, 7-11 at the corner of 7th and RI Ave. Me: exhausted, irritated, snappish. The guy behind me: rough looking, icy-cold glare. But bring up the Redskins and suddenly we all thawed out--reminiscing, commiserating, spilling out onto the street corner and forming an impromptu back and forth with three other strangers. It's our devotion, man. So kick off this season's The Passion of The Gibbs and watch us, at home, against the Sapp-less Buccaneers from the City of Tampa.

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