Friday, September 17, 2004

Calling All Enthusiasts!

Ticketmaster Your Ass Off!
Tomorrow morning, get your hands free out, find a comfortable chair, brew up a pot of coffee and put it in one of those hats with the cups and straws on either side, and settle in for a morning of trying to get through to the TicketMonster. We got Pixies at DARCH, the MoveONdotOrg show at MCI (because DC is a vital swing state), and there's probably some crap at Nissan you can settle for if you get the Heisman from TM over one of those shows.

The Time of Your Life
Everyone has an opinion about their favorite American play. Well, TheDeceiver bigtime hearts William Saroyan's The Time of Your Life, packed with personalities you won't soon forget and shot through with a melancholy sweetness that'll wring those salty tears from the most hard-hearted. A masterwork that never fails to inspire, being done by The American Century Theatre. Normally, TACT has the same problem as the Democratic Party--ideological purity and sticking to the high road doesn't mean a lot of winning. I say to TACT, it's great to go to bat for the obscure, but it's better when you put up a real classic every once in a while. This play is a REAL classic. At Gunston Arts.

Have a Drunken FilmFest with the Axis of Stiller
If my memory serves me right, the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse are basically a Ben Stiller and friends repertory house this weekend. So if you're tired of the rain and the Redskins and you just want to bliss out to the cinematic work of Mssrs. Stiller and Vaughn and Ferrell, get down to the ACaD and catch Dodgeball and Anchorman back to back. If you want to add a heaping helping of gastric distress, come early for Super Size Me. They'll toss your ass out when it's time to leave.

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