Monday, September 27, 2004

The Ceton Cookbook.

Since we're talking about the weird tangents between Me, The Declaration, Greg Ceton and Here's a Hint, I thought I'd check out this weeks Suck-o-Tash, and yep, it basically looks like a store-bought product placement for The Black Cat. Here's how it cooks itself up:

  1. Begin with one massive over-estimation of Lungfish's popularity
  2. Stir in local cultural reference (Topper Shutt)
  3. Namedrop three bands that everyone in attendance would have probably traded up to see, given the chance (T. Rex, White Stripes, JSBX)
  4. Reduce in a hastily constructed metaphor sauce (I'm supposed to imagine melodies "climbing and falling against each other" but notes that "rub against each other; "weaving a musical blanket" is from the My First Book of Greil Marcus).
  5. Serve with grandiose statement of the obvious "ultimately these fuckers write pop songs." (What? Seriously? You mean they don't write fricking sonatas? These songs aren't twelve-tone experimental compositions with recitatives?)
Now. In all fairness, he does hype a show at Galaxy Hut (Travis Morrison--and I'd be willing to bet that he was sitting inside the Black Cat when he found out about the show), and, as usual, the recipe included with the order is fantastic sounding. And, it should be noted that Suckotash is a damn sight more readable than What Goes ON--a column that reminds me of what Chuck Klosterman might be like if he had his sense of humor stomped out of his body by robots from a very lame future. But Suckotash and Ceton could really benefit from a bit of a walkabout, a self-dropkick into a new setting, something...because right now 'Tash is readable but there's almost nothing essential about it (except, of course, for the recipes, which I save).


Now Here's a Hint and I differ on the subject of inDCent Exposure. Here's a Hint says it's just above Craigslist in content quality. I say, that's defamation. Craigslist is many thousands of leagues above inDCent Exposure. In fact, I think I can say definitely that inDCent Exposure is the one website/webresource whose content actually fails to improve upon a monitor that's been busted with a cricket bat.


Anonymous said...

inDC has about six people that post to it regularly. No one in a band that is worth mentioning is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That is Ceton's Suckotash column in a nutshell. He does need to change it up a a bit. I bet I'm not the only one who just skims his column each week now because of his tendency to blow the D.C. indie scene week-after-week. Have you used on the recipes yet? I have not, but have to give him some credit for including those each week.

The Deceiver said...

The black bean chili: gooood. Gazpacho: Hell yeah. And Ceton's enduring cultural contribution--and it's a huge one--don't forget the chili oil when you stir fry! I was totally sleeping on that.

Here's a Hint said...

I said it was slightly better that CL Rants&Raves section, I believe.

And yes, Ceton's column is dull as shit. The "What Goes ON" is even worse. I really hate indie snobs like Ceton that have no one to bond with over their massive musical knowledge, so they have to name drop at all times. Ugh.

The Deceiver said...

Yeah. I was playing crokinole the other day with Julian Casablancas and Karen O, and they were saying the same thing.

The Deceiver said...

As a matter of fact, is there any doubt that the City Paper Website would be 200% better if they had the ladies from Seeking Irony and Weird Curves publishing there?

InDCent Refugees said...

This post is a bit late, but anyone wondering what's happened to inDC, the overwhelming majority of posters moved to a site with proper logins and moderation, and the result is a vastly improved signal-to-noise ratio. My name links to the site.

Anonymous said...

InDCent Exposure?

Hate-filled morons, idiots and imbeciles, and those are the good things one can say about them.

It is amusing that the same ones who set up the alternate site are the very same ones who ruined the old one.

Justice and Irony served.

Anonymous said...

I thought i smelled a fat smelly stalker.