Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Colin Quinn's stock sinks, former DC-area resident on the rise?

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CNN is reporting that Tough Crowd could be soon banished off into the hinterland of the permanent hiatus. One of the possible replacements is a showbiz satire with David Spade and Hugh Fink that is going to be produced by Pariah Productions Gavin Polone and Vivian Cannon.

Cannon grew up here in the DC area--in Band Camp, to be precise--where she attended McLean High School and later UVA, where The Deceiver was lucky enough to spend hours under her tutelage in the ways of snark. So, she is one of the people you can blame for the person I've become.

Cannon is depicted above unleashing some fierce-ass Krav Maga on former Daily Show correspondent Brian Unger, who interviewed her on the subject as a part of NPR's Day-to-Day show. This is an odd coincidence, since the other candidate competing after Quinn's post TDSwJS time slot guessed it--Brian Unger. Given her martial arts prowess, however, I'm giving the odds to Cannon.


Anonymous said...

Thank God. Colin Quinn's only purpose was to "balance out" Jon Stewart's intelligence.

The Deceiver said...

I wanted to be a fan of Quinn's show...I really tried. But you're right, following the Daily Show--which is uber-tight, professionally-made, slick and well-scripted--was a big mistake. You just can't get primed for TOUGH CROWD by TDSwJS. Quinn's comedy always takes shape out of an uncertain place--he's riffing, swallowing words, editorializing on his own performance on the spot. It's too hard to untrack your mind from the programmed-within-an-inch-of-its-life DAILY SHOW.

Plus, I'm just not sure those guys were saying something new often enough to justify it being on five days a week. For all the advertised promise of political incorrectness and trenchant commentary, Dave Chappelle delivers a stronger show in that mien once a week than Quinn could everyday.

Something like CNN describes would be a better fit for the post-DAILY SHOW slot, but I'm not sure anything's gonna pull more than fifty percent of the lead-in. I know after I finish watching THE DAILY SHOW, I have to unwind with my bong.

Anonymous said...

So, put another way... you were trying really hard to like Quinn's show, but he was making it difficult? Well, get more Vitamin C, then. Do some push-ups. That stuff's just weak.

The Deceiver said...
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The Deceiver said...
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The Deceiver said...

Oooh. Touche. A palpable touch.

Of course, just to effortlessly kneecap your analogy: I had trouble ENJOYING Quinn, not UNDERSTANDING him. The orange juice did help me void my bowels afterward, however.

Whereas, to go back to your original "waaah" from yesterday, you encountered some big words, like "Mark Halperin" and "skycopter" that you didn't understand, and so you decided that the blame for you not "getting it" should be placed on me. So why should the people who enjoyed the post be denied the pleasure of reading it just so you don't have to encounter something that isn?t sufficiently dumbed down?

So, to spell it out for you: You no enjoy Deceiver b/c you no understand-you complain but you no try. I understand Quinn but me no enjoy, but me try and me no complain.

Nevertheless, I am gratified that you have learned some new words and have wielded them with confidence. As they're welcome.

In time, you will have the chance to make your own words. Have you considered a career in the highly lucrative world of blogging?

Anonymous said...

OK, well... First off, that wasn't very "effortless". Second off, I'm not the same guy. That guy had a pretty harmless comment - "I'm trying really hard to like this blog but you're making it difficult. What are you talking about?" You responded with what can only be described as a vicious level of sarcasm - as if only an idiot wouldn't get the references, and - more importantly - as if his comment somehow questioned this blog's right to exist. As far as I can tell, it didn't.

As for my comment - which seems to rise to your target level of snark - you responded by tying me back to that same guy, and then delivering an encore bashing of his/my intellect, where you talk about placing the "blame" for his lack of reference points. Why all the anger? All the poor guy asked is "What are you talking about?" Why not respond with a simple "fat guy #1 is from the NYT, and fat guy #2 is from Inside Washington" or something?

I don't know, Mr. DCeiver. You seem a little insecure to me. At the very least, it doesn't seem like you ought to be throwing the term "narcissist" around...

The Deceiver said...


Again: "I'm trying really hard to like this blog BUT YOU'RE MAKING IT DIFFICULT." Not "harmless." The implication is: the blog would be terrific if only I wasn't writing it. That's not constructive criticism, my friend. Can you imagine a situation in which that would be a valuable critical point of departure for any writer, anywhere? That's basically, "Go fuck yourself." That's a vicious cheap shot from one of the cracked eggs in the cuckoo's nest.

"Vicious level of sarcasm." Maybe you should take a short trip through this blog. Start with this: it's called "THE DCEIVER". I'd say that the name of this blog, combined with a perusal of any three postings should allow anyone with a modicum of reasonableness to conclude that "vicious level of sarcasm" is the modus operandi here. To be shocked by this is like walking into a KFC, taking a look around and then yelling incredulously at the manager, "Hey, jerk, what's with all the poultry?"

"Insecure...narcissist." Heh. Guilty as charged. This being a blog that makes no sustained attempt at sincerity or earnestness, that should be self-evident, shouldn't it? But seriously...I don't respond in kind because I'm angry. I respond in kind because it's fun.

Anonymous said...

Um, well, YES, I can EASILY imagine a situation where that is constructive criticism. The guy is basically saying, "I don't get it." Or more precisely, "You are using references I don't understand. Please hurl a mile-long litany of childish insults at me, instead of simply explaining the ones that are a little obscure. And CERTAINLY don't brush it off good-naturedly with a 'well, come back tomorrow - you can't win them all!' That would obviously be painfully out of character." If you can seriously read that posting and interpret it as, "Go fuck yourself,"... issues, man, issues. I guess in a perfect world, blogging wouldn't be cheaper than therapy.

The Deceiver said...

It's true. Blogging is the best therapy for those of us not in the ownership class. Really, when I think about the mendacious way I lured that guy in hear with the clearly stated promise that every reader of this blog will be sustained as if my writing were oxygen, only to surprise him with a posting that tended to be meretricious, I shed a tear like the Indian in that commercial about pollution.

Of course, then I think about how the Indian in that commercial was actually a non-Native American actor who got paid to pretend to be one, I realize: "Wow. That's very DCeiving."

So a disclaimer for future reference:

WARNING: The DCeiver makes no guarantees that you will readily understand the contents of this Blog. The DCeiver wants you to know that he is not doing so on purpose or by design. The existence of any single post represents only the idea in the DCeiver's head turned into words on a page. The DCeiver makes no promise that your life will be improved by reading this blog. Anyone who claims that their life was improved by The DCeiver was standing in a very deep hole to begin with. Here's the good news, though: Nothing on the blog will kill you.