Wednesday, September 08, 2004

DC Council News

The Washington Post today reports on Kevin Chavous' re-election efforts, which seem to be marred, to summarize, by the widespread feeling that Chavous is, well, sort of a douchebag, really. The chronically absent and out-of-touch Council member--though not without his defenders (defenders who come packing shop-worn footwear metaphors at that!)--is largely depicted as an AWOL representative: dropped balls on constituent services, largely unseen in his Ward, and possessing the legislative accomplishments of a tulip bulb.

The Deceiver is largely sour on the DC Council--to our mind, it's a murderer's row of the political world's lesser lights, men and women who'd be hard pressed to earn a political office just about anywhere else. But Chavous, and his cohort, the supremely dumb Harold Brazil, deserve special mention, because if I had collected all the bad press on them from the Post and the City Paper since I moved back to the area in 1997, I'd have enough material to construct several papier-mache Pandamonium statues. Clearly, these two are a singular embarrassment, and that's amazing considering who we could possibly compare them to.

We like Fenty, because he is ambitious (though somehow that gets spun as a bad thing), and we like Catania, because he's seemingly more ready and willing to call shenanigans on the whole enterprise whenever the Council comes close to going off the deep end.

We're also in favor of school vouchers for DC because we are against school vouchers in general: our logic being that once DC experiments with vouchers, the whole thing will get fucked up so badly that no one else in the contiguous United States is going to want to touch vouchers with a ten-foot pole.

But, just to show you that we don't always have DC's best interests at heart, we at The Deceiver thoroughly and unabashedly support the election of Marion Barry to the DC Council. In the first place, he certainly won't be any worse than the person he's replacing. Secondly, he calls to mind an age of cronyism, blame-placing, and the taking-credit-for-the-accomplishments-of-others that's totally in step with the Bush administration and the general philosophical leanings of the country. And Barry is going to fit in well with The End of Accountability Age that Bush is, basically representative of.

But mainly, we have to support Barry because of the untapped potential for high entertainment and unbounded hilarity that will ensue if he takes a seat on the council. If that happens, this blog will write itself so often and so well that you'll have to start administering a Turing test before you read it.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Brazil is to DC politics, what Elmer Fudd is to DC politics.