Thursday, September 30, 2004

DC has spoken: The Grays

DCist readers have overwhelmingly supported the name "The Grays" as the new team mascot. The DCeiver says: Kudos to you, DCist readers!

What a fantastic choice! Eschewing the government-centric names that get bandied about in favor of something grown outside of the world our Federal guests have created, The Grays is evoctive of something much more homey and populist. (I am old enough to have supported the Washington Diplomats soccer team, a sad, sad choice of names. Go Dips! The mighty Dips! Watch out, because the Dips are coming! You see what I am saying? (I once attempted to increase the use of The 'Mats as an alternative, until Paul Westerburg called me and told me I was infringing on his cultural copyright.))

I think MLB would be wise to take up the cause of The Grays. For starters, it would evoke the Negro League team of yesteryear, and the MLB would be well-served to honor the history of the Negro Leagues--a history rife with great ballplayers and fantastic stories. It would be a great way for the MLB to honor baseball's past and rededicate its future. Also, Washington's troubled racial history has played itself out in the world of sports. Students of Redskins lore know that the road from "Fight for old Dixie" to "Fight for old D.C." was a hard-travelled one--from the use of the team as a Civil Rights wedge to the present day, where everyone in town rallies around the 'Skins.

But my favorite thing about The Grays is that it calls to mind the X-Files episode called "The Unnatural" which starred Jesse L. Martin (of Law and Order fame) as a member of the Washington Grays who was, in fact a "Gray" alien in disguise.

All this talk of baseball...full disclosure: I am not much of a baseball fan anymore. The Grays...that could get me interested again. Funny thing is this: I was not much of an Orioles supporter because they play in the American League, and I have always contended that the American League, by dint of using the DH, is pure bullshit. Perversely, I have historically supported the Saint Louis Cardinals--for reasons passing understanding.

One thing though: I think that the team should be called the DC Grays.

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DCepticon said...

Thoughtful, insightful and just a wee bit sentimental. Two things to consider:
Picking a team name is important but mascots even more so, and by choosing a color we may be stuck with a goofy costumed figure such as the Philly Fan or the weird thing the A's fans have to endure. So when you have a guy in a fuzzy puse suit running around RFK don't come crying to me.
Second, while the designated hitter rule is a bit of an embarassment for thos of us who consider the American League, the better Leauge. It is really the only thing that makes the World Series at all interesting. To see an Americna League Coach scramble to figure oout what the hell to do when they are in a National League park, well it is sweet.