Wednesday, September 29, 2004

DCeptette--Keep watching the skies edition.

  1. What do you need to know about the Security Zeppelin seen pacing the skies over DC? First: the rumors are true--Mark Halperin's Sky Copter has been grounded until further notice. Next: It was in fact funded by a McArthur Evil Genius Grant. Last: It was previously used in Afghanistan and Iraq, so you have some idea of the massive and unholy success that travels in its wake. (CNN)
  2. David Catania, following through on his promise to remind us every couple of days about his dissatisfaction with the Bush administration, announces he is now an independent. If you can't beat them, stand around grousing with Jim Jeffords and Bernie Sanders. (DCist)
  3. The slots campaign seems to be finally dead in the water as the DC Court of Appeals upheld the election board's decision to throw out the petitions that would have created a ballot referendum. Enthusiasts of gambling on slots now have only one recourse: buy Jenna Bush a sloe gin fizz, and see where the night takes you. (Post)
  4. Out in Band Camp, the Town of Herndon has been dealing with the problem of the borderline white-supremacists who rant and rave every time someone suggests something that would benefit a member of the growing Latino community. Finally, some positive news, as uber-cunt and defender of lazy white trash layabouts Ann V. Null was publicly censured. Good. (Post)
  5. Tom DeLay is pissed after Doubleday sends him a free copy of Kitty Kelley's new book: "She is a junior-high gossipmonger whose writing should be passed in notes during study hall, not printed in books by the same company that published Rudyard Kipling, Booker T. Washington, and Anne Frank." Experts agree however, that it is unlikely DeLay ever read anything by Kipling, Washington, or Frank, because, "readers of those authors usually tend to grow up to be something other than a contentious jackass." (Leiby)
  6. And in the Department of Synergy: Computer malefaction and authorial exhaustion halted production of this week's The Diner. We hope to have everything sorted out by next Wednesday. In the meantime, look tomorrow toward Blue In the Face for our pre-debate features, and check out the continuing nonsense from the robots, our insertion of other quarterbacks into the Mike Vick Experience, and, as always, your Daily Briefing.

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