Tuesday, September 21, 2004

DCeptette: Monument Avenue breakdown edition

  1. We are in the process of interviewing Here's a Hint. Due to computer malefaction, it's taking longer than we would have liked. In the meantime, check our the new site. (Here's A Hint)
  2. Chris Otten of dcindymedia examines voter turnout numbers through a "lens, darkly." He wonders: "That means 12,796 Democrats didn't bother to vote for [shadow Representative]. A sign of frustration with the fact we don't have Statehood or computer scan malfunction???" No, Chris...look--it's because...you have to under--ohhhhhh, Jesus...Chris, have you ever met the voters of Washington, DC? (indymedia)
  3. What Washington DC calls its "ban" on "guns" will remain in place after Senate Republicans find other, more fun ways to fuck people over. (DCist)
  4. Virginia Veterans rally in Richmond for Bush--a good sign, considering how often they back the team that finishes second. (Snerf!) (Post)
  5. Remember the Zebra Mussels? Well Virginia is about to unleash hell on those motherfuckers. You know, they're, like applying for block grants an' stuff. (Post)
  6. What?! We missed Tesla? (Post)
  7. Princess Michael of Kent comes to DC. No casualties reported. (Leiby)

Final note: The DCeiver would like to thank Friend and Neighbor of Deceiver Elissa Ewalt for scoring tickets for the Pixies at DARCH. Row N! This blogger's gone to heaven!

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Anonymous said...

How often is Here's A Hint going to be updating his blog?