Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Deceptette--Dull, migraine edition.

  1. You heard it here first! This year's Helen Hayes Awards will be at the Warner Theatre, party at the Marriott afterwards, and there will still be ample gatecrasher security.
  2. Sad news in Post today w/r/t forced prostitution. On the bright side, tell me the "Would-Be Pimps" wouldn't be the best band name ever! (Post)
  3. Looks like The Kid won't be getting the start this weekend. Mark Brunell and his five knee-braces direct the Washington offence. (Post)
  4. Washington's intrepid indymedia reporters have returned from New York City, bearing armloads of overheated prose, plenty of embarassing misspellings. (dcindymedia)
  5. Area tree sculpted into naked mermaid...pretty well stacked mermaid at that. Neighbors goggle, sculptors shrug, Washington Post seems to think Arlington lacks whimsy--I guess installing a tacky panda sculpture on every street corner makes you the Kurt Fucking Vonnegut of urban planning. (Post)

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