Monday, September 13, 2004

Deceptette: How come everybody wants to keep it like the Kaiser edition

1. This is the kind of shit the DCeiver was built for! At long last, and according to DCist, DC may finally receive the opportunity to host The Real World DCist is only a teeny bit hesitant in its belief that MTV's purchase of a space across the street from Caribou Coffee in Adams Morgan may be the real thing at long last. Can Dave Attell be far behind? Let the resentment and prankings begin! Remember DC, these out-of-town fucks won't ever need to find a parking space! (Due credit to the lovely DCist)

2. The Washington Post says that officials have successfully intercepted a rigged letter addressed to Governor Mark Warner that was set to burst into flames upon opening. Hmmmmm. We wonder if this has anything to do with the note we received from John Ashcroft thanking us for the Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate? (Post)

3. Michael Kaiser will remain the President of the Kennedy Center until 2011. "After that," says Kaiser, "you little fucks are on your own." (Post)

4. And in the synergy department, our little sister site asks people the hard questions about remembering September 11. And then, gives them a suggestion on how to forget it. (Blue In The Face)

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