Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Deceptette--We have to share the city with these people edition.

  1. Newt Gingrich mistaken for Dick Cheney? I mean, we racially profile the white-collar crime set all the time, but how do you not know the difference? Conventioneer describes being in Newt's presence at GOPCON to "like being around a rock star." Does that mean he was covered in syphilitic sores? (Reliable Sores)
  2. Representative Tom Tancredo receives strange package, Mrs. Tancredo behaves totally irrationally ("was he shot?" she wonders...ummm, by a package?). Story doesn't tell us the one thing we all want to know: what was in the box. Because we totally sent him some mealworms and stuff (The Hill)
  3. One article's depiction could ruin your re-election chances. Representative Loretta Sanchez is weird. Cute, but weird. Scarily weird. (The Hill)

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