Saturday, September 18, 2004

Depressing News: Visions Cinema is Closing. And you can just bet who's to blame

I read on DCist that one of my favorite places in DC, the Visions Cinema and Bistro, is closing. This cuts me to the quick. A fine establishment: good flicks, cold beer, and a great location--tucked in at the elbow joint between Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle, it was a fantastic place to just sit back and watch the evening unfold. The rare kind of nightlife locale where you could have a good takeoff or landing.

And you know who I blame? Vincent Gallo and his evil Brown Bunny, that's who! Could it be a coincidence that this soul-devouring piece of pretension found its way here and is now taking Visions with it? You don't think Brown Bunny can just come to your town and nobody has to pay a price? Nobody has to suffer? When you think of all the pretty boys and girls in the East Village bowing in abeisance to this straggly, staggering auteur like zombies, surely you realize that The Brown Bunny comes with a cost attached to it too great to bear! In the end, even Frank the bunny wasn't strong enough to stop it.

Why, oh why, could it have not played the AFI? We'll be asking that question for a long time.

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nm said...

hi, thanks for adding me to your blog roll. very, very sad about visions.