Monday, September 27, 2004

EXCLUSIVE: The DCeiver penetrates the mystery that is Los Angeles.

While festivizing in the Poconos at the wedding of Chris Hanson and Trish Krusman, The DCeiver was reunited with one of his favorite folks, formerly of DC, Craig Housenick. C-House now resides in L.A., where in short order (and we're trying not to jinx anything) may become one of the five tallest screenwriters in town. Amid wedding cheer, The DCeiver had the chance to get to the bottom of the L.A. experience.

DCEIVER: So, Craig. I'm going to toss out a description of my impression of everyday life in Los Angeles that I've gleaned through tireless research. Tell me if I have this correct.


DCEIVER: Okay. So, you're in L.A. It's a typical day, things are going typically well. Maybe you're working, or you're out at night. It doesn't matter. Anyway, you're doing what you're doing, and everything's going well, and then, without warning, one of those actor kids from The O.C. shows up, and everything gets all fucked up. Is this basically it?

HOUSENICK: Yeah, that's pretty much how it works.


Anonymous said...

You are getting really good at the whole hightlighting random words in an entry to create emphasis. The way you highlighted gleaned made me think that you had invented the word or discovered the gleaned web page which finally explained what is really a rather silly word. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Greg Ceton will sue your ass for stealing his formatting.

The Deceiver said...

Here's the funny thing about the highlighting: I was doing it in bold until I discovered that doing so was fucking up The DCeiver's entries on I found out that if I highlighted, let's say, the word "weasels" in the body of a post, Kinja would report the post as "The DCeiver--weasels." So, to continue this wonderful highlighting of random words and support the Kinja-loving sector of blog readers, I had to switch to coloring the word.

As for Greg Ceton and his "style" I can say that I stole the "highlight a word at random" idea from the UVA student weekly THE DECLARATION, who puts the technique to hilariously Dadaist effect in their weekly calendar. If you want to include Ceton in this mythos, that's fine: let's say HE stole the idea from THE DEC, and now I'm stealing it back.

Anonymous said...

Ceton and his allies will eat you alive like a dingo eats a baby if the dingo was a vegan and the baby was made of tofu.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Greg Ceton, I found Here's A Hint's description of Washington City Paper amusing: "Greg Ceton writes a pretentious weekly column that doubles as a Black Cat show listing." That comment about Ceton and the Black Cat is pretty true most of the time. Ceton might win himself some new readers and more respect, if he branched out a little with his show choices.

Anonymous said...

What a meeting of the closed minds.