Thursday, September 16, 2004

Jenna Bush News--mi casa es su tocador

Wonkette is reporting that Jenna Bush and her equally enterprising and ridiculously eviler twin Barbie have used their magical twin brainpower to solve one of the problems that face them: namely, how to get ass-over-teakettle shitfaced at Smith Point and still avoid the embarrassment of staggering back to the White House or passing out at BC04HQ in Arlington.

So, the twins have apparently hatched a plan to rent a crash-pad in Georgetown within rolling-home distance of Smith Point. When I think of all those winter nights I spent under the conic Christmas tree in Francis Scott Key park, undone by MGD, it makes me wish I had thought of this. This isn't the level of shrewdness I expected from someone who, weeks earlier, inexplicably cockblocked Michael Phelps, who's cut like a razor and convered in Olympic bling.

For her part Wonkette seems flummoxed in contemplating how wasted you have to be to not be able to flag a hack--we're just relieved that the Secret Service has enough dignity to refuse to serve as the National Over The Shoulder Walk of Shame Escort.

But I wouldn't want to be the guy who rented this room after the twins. I hope the landlord is getting a big deposit. He'll need it to clean up the Bush daughters', deposits.

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