Thursday, September 09, 2004

Kennedy Center Observations

The Deceiver had the good fortune to participate in a reading at The KenCen's Page to Stage Festival. We are pleased to report that the Center is ready for the coming season. The whole venue was sparkly clean and spit-shined in anticipation of another healthy helping of Leonard Slatkin's creamy, orchestral ejaculate.

The reading was very well attended, so much so that it surprised Rorschach Co-Artistic Director Randy Baker, who deftly modified his "Everyone Go Out There and Have Fun" Speech with the age-old "Don't You Dare Fuck This Up Because We're All Counting On You" rallying cry.

The audience seemed pleased, even as I wandered into and out of dialects I spontaneously created during rehearsals. Afterwards, we had people suggesting--cut back on the plot threads. And others--add more plot threads. This is why focus groups work so well.

We are also happy to report that our colleague Mark Jude Sullivan has been cast in Shear Madness for the Fall Season at the Big Wedding Cake o' Arts. Now, Madness is, of course, much excoriated among the cognoscenti, who scoff at the value of entertaining the driftless visitors who come to DC from out of town. But this is great news for our buddy Mark--it means pay at the LORT A scale and *gasp* health insurance, maybe? All hail the good people at Actors Equity. It also keeps the inestimable Sullivan--an all-around A-list dinner and drinking companion--around the city for a while longer, before he trots off to NYC so he can have sex with his girlfriend again.

Mark, by the way, is apparently prominently featured on some new Studio Theatre promo materials--depicted playing his role in The Cripple of Inishmaan. Early reports say Sullivan looks "constipated" in these photographs. We haven't seen these materials yet, but can assure the DC theatre-going public--Sullivan's stools are quite loose.

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