Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have Baseball

Hey, DC baseball fans! All six of you! Great news! The sorry ass Montreal Expos are officially on the way here to join the disappointing Redskins, the tirelessly mediocre Capitals, the despised by God Wizards/Bullets, the unwatched Mystics, and the semi-decent-from-time-to-time-but-there's-no-way-Adu-belongs-stealing-minutes-from-Eskandarian-I-mean-holy-god-can-I-get-a-witness DC United.

There will be announcements galore, followed by pronouncements that bore, then the requisite op-eds from Posties like Wilbon that will attempt to put this in a perspective that none of us share, and then the speculation over a name.

By the way: follow the United and call this team the "DC" something. As opposed to the Washington something. After all, the folks out in Band Camp and points west didn't win it, and Arlingtonians didn't want it. Plus, who wants to share with Bethesda? I think that if this baseball team is going to have the morale boosting effect people want it to, to have the pride enhancing effect people hope for, it should be branded "DC". "Washington" tends to remind people of the political interlopers who clog our civic arteries like so much butter (and by "butter" I mean "total assholes").

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