Thursday, September 02, 2004

More on Metro Citizen Corps

Yesterday, we talked about Citizens Corps--Metro's brilliant scheme to outsource the internal security of the Metro System to those of us who still don't quite understand how a station one block north of Calvert Street and Connecticut NW came to be known as "Adams Morgan." Today, there are more details available?

Trainees will receive actual hands-on training in the rail system and the tunnel environment including a tunnel and "right-of-way" walk where participants will test third rail electric power of the tracks with a hot stick and learn the safe way to cross over the electrified rail. They also will receive information on the location of emergency trip stations and how to access them in case of an emergency. Fan shaft locations will be pointed out and the Corps members will learn the proper way to turn on an exhaust fan in case of an emergency.

"Hands on?" "Tunnel environment?" "Hot sticks?" "Trip stations?" "Fan shafts?" Where is the training taking place? Cobalt?

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