Thursday, September 30, 2004

Polyphonic Spree descends upon DC.

I have been tipped to something that probably a good number of you already knew about, so, allow me to bask in the illusion. Apparently, tomorrow at 6:00pm outside the Kennedy Center on what is being called the South Plaza Stage, Tim DeLaughter and his Polyphonic Spree will be inculcating us for free in the ways of Spreedle-de-deedle-dy. Is this DeLaughter's overt challenge to Leonard Slatkin? Will the spree draw the wrong kind of attention from the Secuity Zeppelin? And what's Mark Halperin's angle? One thing's for sure, once this show is over, it'll be impossible to get a table at Chen's. I mean, there's like, 30 people in this band! Come and stand around in pure bafflement.


Anonymous said...

The Spree rock. They know how to put on a fun show. DCeiver, can we get some debate coverage? It's late, I'm watching the replay and Bush looks like an idiot at times...a bumbling deer in headlights who can't find words or new things to say in many cases.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else hear about this?

"A Republican state legislator is challenging George Mason University's plan to pay "Fahrenheit 9/11" director Michael Moore to speak on campus five days before the election":

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