Thursday, September 23, 2004

Potemkin sovereign on L street

Based upon the way the limo was decked out with the Iraqi flag, it looks like CIA asset Ayad Allawi is heading east toward his date with the US Congress. Allawi will be speaking today before the Congress, as well as selling Iraq's pretend rose garden from the actual one. If this were a political blog, we'd probably point out how funny it was that despite having poked fun at John Kerry for the support he's garnered from "foreign leader", Bush is depending on Allawi--a fake foreign leader who can't even invite you to visit his country without making it sound like a hazardous dare--to smooth over the current hell-mire Iraq has become in order to assuage the fears of voters. But this isn't a political blog. I'm sure Allawi hopes we get baseball, and is looking forward to trying the eggplant fatteh at Local 16.

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