Friday, September 17, 2004

Preview of Next Week's Action

Normally we wouldn't take the time totell you what we're going to do, mainly because we aren't too good at advance planning. But, DC blog junkies and music fans should totally take note. Monday, September 20th is the debut of the new Here's a Hint blog, brought to you by the titular anonymous blogger. TheDeceiver has taken a stroll around the site's beta design and have found it to be sufficiently awesome. A totally geeked-up paradise of music-scene bewitchery, brimming with HaH's typically polarizing opinions.

Also, next week, in a bold stroke of synergy that totally impresses the easily impressed like myself, we will be bringing you our first ever installment of the Seven Deadly Questions with the aforementioned Here's a Hint of the Here's a Hint blog. I'll start by asking a couple of hard hitting questions, and then I'll probably trail off and inquire as to which member of Exit Clov smells the nicest. Please tune in for that!

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