Monday, September 20, 2004

REDSKINS: Week the Second

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As it was written by Saint Travis of Raljon in the Gospel of Gibbs.

Thanks to Message Boards and online friends,
Sunday's debacle was just a game.
Not a season-ending nightmare or Spurrier-devolving portent
Though the Post's dour sentiment off puts to beat the band(wagon)

Flags galore. Blown coverages. INT's.
Fumbles from a usually breadbasket lock and key.
Undone somewhat by their aging vet and our Junior looking positively Frosh-like,
Still Gregg's game kept us afloat. Those guys deserve a standing O.

It's not like Coughlin called a better game.
Though Saint Joe made some specious calls himself.
The patchwork OL did its part but couldn't hold up to the onslaught.

Next week, why not light a spark with McCants instead of Gardner, Keep Sean Taylor in a little longer?

Parcells will eat Ramsey alive so please Mark, a speedy return? Just think though: Gibbs v. Tuna again!

Useless thus far: Daniels, Barrow, Gardner, Jimoh.
I still have a terrible taste in my mouth.
But when you predict a team goes 10 and 6 they have to lose 6 games.
So even though you don't think they'll lose...
Oh well, it still sucks ass.Resort to cliche tropes: We always lose the games we shouldn't. Same Ol Same Ol....but it ISN'T!

It's All New, 100% Improved, Gibbs, Baby, Gibbs Slobberknockin Smashmouth Dirtbaggery.

We're still alive, everyone is.
All the naysayers pipe yo ass down.
Gin up for an apocalyptic Monday Night.

If FedEx Field doesn't bounce off its moorings if it doesn't slide around Landover with a tidal burst. Or with sonic booms, fell birds in mid-flight. If the Faithful 90K don't physically devour the girls and shit back into Parcells hands his masticated team, I don't know what.

Another season passed by?
Or just another game.
Won or lost like they all have to be.

I'll be watching.
I'm always watching.

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