Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Report on the unexpected polarization caused by the last entry.

Wow. There was quite a reaction to Snark Captain and the New Media of Tomorrow. I'm going to trust that DCist, who clearly got it, mostly led many other people who were destined to clearly get it to come and clearly get it. Some of you didn't get it, and didn't seem to care, and then there was a subset of people that didn't get it but nevertheless responded with wit and aplomb. But sadly, there was that other, subset that took their not getting it to extreme levels of unmanaged irkdom. Even now, I imagine they are headed up to Farragut West with pitchforks and torches. Or, rather, pitchfork and torch.

Wow. Wow. That's all I can say! "Snark Captain and the New Media of Tomorrow" was written in the only possible way it could be written. It was, quite literally a reimagining of what was going on in the picture. Ever played that game where you recaption a photograph?

You'd think naming your blog The DCeiver would be a kind of up-front way of managing expectations. Anyhoo, I dedicate Nellie McKay's "Sari" to a few of you. Keep working for a Constitutional amendment that will make the occasional frustration you receive reading blogs a federal crime.


D.C.MP3 said...

DCeiver is still loved.

DCepticon said...

But is self love really a kind of love. I join the cult of personality. You may call me DCepticon.