Thursday, September 30, 2004

September 2004--A Month of DCeption in Retrospect

Well, we've reached the end of September here at The DCeiver. We've been through an interesting period of time in the DC Metro Area, we've learned a lot, and, speaking for myself, I feel that the contribution this blog has made has been satisfyingly scant. You all helped to make this month even better than the one before it, and special shout outs have to go out to people that have kicked us some lovin'--like the DCist and their intricate network of blogs, as well as the good folks at DCSOB, Seeking Irony, Weird Curves, DC Metro Action, Washington Interns Gone Bad, Here's a Hint, The Real World:DC and the Skunkeye Consumer Guide. And to Capital Weather: you're site is like porn to the Wife of Deceiver. Put THAT blurb on your dustcover! I'm sure I've left a few folks out, but big-ups to all who dwell in and around the most ironic city on earth.

Here's what we did this month:

  • The WMATA Citizen Corps: allowing Metro's problems to be solved by those most baffled by them in the first place.
  • Vincent Gallo--for those that dismiss him as a mere default humor source for Gawker, beware! His BROWN BUNNY has teeth!
  • The Passion of the Gibbs--Crap! I never wrote anything for the Dallas game. Look for that later today. Anyhoo, we?re off and hurting!
  • The Cheesecake Factory--I never thought you'd be a mosqueteer because this Chowhound reject is so passé!
  • Lauriol Plaza--The most overpraised restaurant in the area, but mentioning it in your blog always seems to bring in the eyeballs.
  • Marion Barry returns. The day we all realized that September 2004 was going to be a time to remember.
  • Here's a Hint comes alive, but agrees to an interview with me, which should make the savvy reader question HaH's judgement.
  • Greg Ceton...great recipes, anyway.
  • Baseball returns to the District! Let the long regional nightmare begin!
  • And this post was apparently so offensive that at least one splendidly irrational person decided I basically had no right to live!
October awaits! Imagine the opportunities that await for me to drop in references to Mark Halperin's Sky Copter!


ilb said...

*sigh* No love for our kid.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit. You're right. And the kid is well nigh deserving of love. It has generously kicked some love my way.

Information Leaf Blower is the bomb, people. Copy the link and watch for a change in the blogroll.

Skunkeye said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Keep up the great work - The DCeiver is fast becoming my fave read!