Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Stuff we learn from blogging.

The Deceiver has been at this a very short time, but we've already noticed something amusing. Nothing gets the people running to your website like a Lauriol Plaza mention. The first time we did it, Wonkette opened the floodgates. The second time, the good folks at DCist picked it up (though, to be fair, DCist did not frame their link back as an LP reference).

Of course, we do not even come close to objecting. We're admirers of Ana Marie and DCist. And of course we love the eyeballs. But it makes us wonder: would regular reportage on the comings and goings at Lauriol Plaza be the ticket to big time in the blogosphere? It would be curious--especially considering no one out there has expressed a real fondness for the restaurant (The Deceiver's eaten there all of one time, and our review: "Meh.")

Well, apropos of nothing, then, we'd like to tell our readers that The Fantasy Football Team of the Deceiver, the Lauriol Plaza Leftists, won their Week One match up 126-75, paced by outstanding performances by Donovan McNabb and Ahman Green. The good news is tempered, however, by the news that starting wide receiver Charles Rogers may miss the rest of the year after refracturing his collarbone (poor guy). We'll keep you posted on how the LPL's do as the season progresses.

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