Thursday, September 23, 2004

Vincent Gallo responds to accusation that his accursed movie is the reason Visions is closing.

When reached for comment, and pointedly asked after being made aware of the situation at Visions, "This is how you repay us?" Gallo had this to say about the loss of our indie theatre:

"Great news, thanks."

Great news?? Thanks?! Are you fucking kidding me? He's not outraged that one of the few places enterprising enough to carry one of his films is keeling over and going under--a contortion most likely brought on by The Brown Bunny? He's flip and blithe about the loss of an underground cinematheque? This is the guy who had to cut close to thirty minutes of aimless meandering in order to ensure that his movie stood a chance of improving upon the sight of a blank screen, and all he can muster is "Great news, thanks?"

Asshole. Developing...


Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding hopelessly suburban... are you trying to say that the Brown Bunny is the ONLY movie Visions ever showed that sucked?

The Deceiver said...

No. You don't sound suburban at all. I believe that similar percentages of suck-to-tolerable-to-good exist at every level of your movie experience. But few movies fill their sails with the gale-force suck reputation as THE BROWN BUNNY. And certainly no film director has ever been able to wield his finely tune craptasm gun with the cancer causing accuracy as Gallo. To me the difference is this: what Visions-level auteur can place a billboard advertisement of himself getting sucked off on Sunset?

Anonymous said...

Maybe a flawed business model and lack of paying customers contributed to the decline. But, what do I know? I am not an effete-DC-S(n)OB.

In fact, I find Gallo's response to be quite hilarious. Like he gives a crap about what happens in some trendy DC 'hood. Probably had a better chance of getting some substantial asking Gallo's feelings on the current state of the Buffalo Bills than that question.

The Deceiver said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, flawed-business-model-cakes. Mmmm-mmm. Scrumptious. Sounds like...I don't know--the lamest MBA case study ever?

I think the mistake you're making here can be summarized in three words: "Getting. Some. Substance." Were you looking for substance? This is The DCeiver, not the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

And with regard to the Bills--we simply want to bust Gallo's pretentious chops, not kill him!

Anonymous said...

oh my god.
you tool.
visions was tanking before brown bunny even thought of hopping towards DC.
you can't blame ANY one singular film....although you'd have a good argument with Donnie Darko.
ps. exit clov stinks on ice.

The Deceiver said...

Jeez. Get a grip, crybaby.