Friday, October 01, 2004

Calling All Enthusiasts!

Jason Samenow at Capital Weather says Sunday is going to be beautiful. Man, as Fall around here begins to come in, and the air gets crisp, and tees become sweatshirts and flannels, there's nothing better to do than get outside, set something on fire, and position some sort of food overtop of it. Get your extension cord, bring your set outdoors, put some Foggy Bottom Ale on ice, call up the friends and get your grill on this Sunday. You can expect the temperatures to stay tilted toward summer thsi weekend, but establish the routine this weekend and and you'll be that much more inclined to stay outside while the temperature is cool but not unbearable.

You know, there's no need to use the term, "Southern rock." I mean, that's like saying, "Rock rock", right? Put down those new Interpol records! Tonight head to the Black Cat to see the Kings of Leon throw down some mangy, shaggy, PBR infused rawk-plus-roll. Antics will be waiting for you when you get home. With The Features, 9:30pm.

Don't ask why, but my Dad once insisted our family peep Nosferatu on video. Gotta tell you, that shit is still ingrained in my brainpan. Twas the work of weird genius F.W. Murnau, and the National Gallery of Art is putting on a fully loaded retrospective of Murnau's work, with screenings galore, all through October. It begins this Saturday at 1pm with a newly restored print of Sunrise and continues that afternoon with Tabu--A Story of the South Seas. A unique opportunity to see some important archival films, and a chance to gawk at the local Cah-HYEEEEAAY du Cinema crowd. In the East Building Aud, at 4th and Connie, NW.

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