Friday, October 15, 2004

Calling All Enthusiasts!

In his later days, Nostradamus' greatest regret was not being able to accurately predict the coming of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. "I just can't get a fix on them," he'd tell me over Appletinis, "I get a whiff of them here, a sight of them here...I just can't zero in. All I can tell you is that they will be crunk as hell, like ya' ass." So don't be a Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Playerhater, get to IOTA, and enjoy the ineffably sweet weirdness. It will be crunk. Like your ass. Friday, 9:30pm.

It's been a pleasure to discover that there is a small but lively percentage of folks in the DC bologosphere who hail from the fine institution known as The University [of Virginia]. I'll never forget that strange and wonderful week many years ago when we were ranked number one--until The Georgia Tech Kicker Who Must Not Be Named hit his Field Goal of Disaster. Well, I know what my fellow Wahoos are gonna be doing Saturday night--finding out if Al Groh's men are for real as they travel into Tallahassee to face the Florida State Seminoles--a critical game for Virginia as they edge ever closer to BCS consideration.

Rorshach Theatre will be bringing Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner's new work in progress, Only We Who Guard The Mystery Shall Be Unhappy to Washington, DC. It's an extremely provocative piece--the staged reading in NYC that featured Patricia Clarkson and John Cameron Mitchell was the talk of the city. According to the website, the 'Schach will only be reading the first act. From what I know, my advice to them is: DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO GET THE SECOND ACT AS WELL. This event isn't happening until October 25, but if you're interested, you should reserve a space now by emailing Oh! And, it's FREE. Starring Helen Hedman and Rick Foucheux.


Anonymous said...

If you say His name three times, your favorite pro team's kicker gets hurt and He shows up to replace him. "Sisson... Sisson... Sis-" Oh, shit! It's actually working!

Anonymous said...

i guess we found out that UVA's squad is NOT for real.
at all. in no way.
Well, you did beat Akron. That's an accomplishment.

The Deceiver said...

Alas, it was a humbling day for the Wahoos. But I take solace in the fact that I know enough about FSU to know that when I vet resumes, the Seminole grads can go right in the trash can.