Wednesday, October 27, 2004

DCeptette: Clearly, it's better to jack off together

  1. Craigslist--it practically writes this blog for me. Mr., a self-described "disaffected, lonely" youth, is looking for activity partners to start underground magazine filled with " and political content." Hoo, boy! I bet we all can't wait for that! Look for Cranky Depressive Quarterly wherever somber and overwrought acoustic guitar is played. (Craigslist)
  2. More World of Craigslist: CLister asks the immortal question: "Why do guys want to jack off together?" The DCeiver answers: "Well, why not?" (Craigslist)
  3. Tomorrow's DC Council hearing on the baseball stadium is shaping up to be a session of epic proportions. 170 people will be alternatively pitching the Expos and airing their grievances. Mayor Anthony Williams, showing the get-there-last attitude that propelled him off the Democratic party ballot and into the netherworld of write-in campaigning, will be speaking 157th. The anti-stadium crowd include pro-neighborhood activists from the Washington Interfaith Network, bakers of anti-stadium fortune cookies, and members of the Cato institute, who will be bringing a bookshelf full of dryly worded white papers. (On that note, Mayor Williams groused, "I can't imagine why, with all the things happening in the world, the Cato Institute would take the time to analyze the impact of baseball in Washington, D.C." Mayor Williams doesn't realize that wherever there is a picayune matter to be analyzed, wherever there is a passing distraction to be amplified, wherever their is a topic too incidental to warrant any real importance, the Cato Institute is there.) (Post)
  4. Celia Wren disparages Rorschach's The Accidental Death of an Anarchist for lacking subtlety. Celia--Dario Fo's comedies are about as subtle as a blimp full of jackhammers falling on a Unitarian Church picnic. If you had bothered to, um, read some Dario Fo, you would know that (you'd also know that TADoaA, is traditionally updated to match the current state of politics.) Please, Celia, get a degree in Dramatic Literature or Theatre Criticism. And, Washington Post: please, please, please bring us a theatre reviewer who isn't some illiterate, axe-grinding, crank! You are intruding on my territory (though, it should be noted, I do have the theatre degree Ms. Wren needs). (Post)
  5. And, thus, to grind another axe: remember Big Yawn? The flashy, ostensibly local music tout? Well, I didn't realize that Fiona Apple was an area musician. Or a musician that's on anybody's radar. (The ever-appropriately named Big Yawn)

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