Monday, October 04, 2004

DCeptette: Counted and rackmounted edition

  1. Well, it was a good run while it lasted! Virginia is no longer in play, as the Kerry kids split town for climates contestable. If Ralph Nader were interested in the things he says he's interested in, he could set up shop here. But Ralph Nader is mainly interested in being a dickheaded demagogue. (Post)
  2. Lisa Marie Cheney says she has a stronger character than Jim Moran, thus following the strategy most often used by the people who eventually lose to Jim Moran. Yeah, we get it, he's loathsome--so what else you got? (Post)
  3. DCist reports that Death Cab For Cutie Election themed t-shirts are sold out. Indie-rock hipsters add that Death Cab For Cutie themselves sold out circa The O.C. Season One. (DCist)
  4. You knew it was bound to happen. Oh, well. As they say, the path to a hometown baseball team seen by few and supported by even less never did run smooth. Our advice: get ahead of your opponents message by naming the team the Suffragette City Anti-Globalist Cabal. Those would make some wicked hats. (DCist)
  5. Here's a Hint posts his 8 Simple Rules for Live Rock. But Chris from Full Minute of Mercury wisely appends "What about the cowbell?" Let the record show that even before Will Ferrell weighed in, The DCeiver long contended that the cowbell was a) a critical instrument b) can make any song better c) yes...any song, this means YOU Julian Casablancas and d) funk music as we know it could not have been invented without extant cowbells. Join the Here's a Hint pissing contest (Here's a Hint); or, be sad you missed the Killers show at 930 (Seeking Irony--scrolly scroll, bitches)

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nm said...

thanks for the link. if you don't want to scroll through my other posts, here's the direct link. although you still have to scroll through the post a bit to get to the concert stuff.